About Us

Jeongmi Park founded BlueTree Gourmet, LLC in 2014. While initially working in the hotel industry she met a woman by the name of Naomi who shared the same special passion for food. As they continued to keep in touch, Naomi would make the most delicious homemade baked treats whenever Jeongmi would visit. Soon, Jeongmi started sharing her own granola and treats with her own friends and family. Then with the support of all who loved her granola, BlueTree Gourmet was born.

Amy Pang joined BlueTree Gourmet as a new partner in 2017. Although being a Cali girl, she spent twelve years in New York working as a fashion designer. Her profession took her to all corners of the world and she was constantly exposed to different foods and cultures. But back at home, Amy’s hobby was to cook warm, nourishing meals using the freshest ingredients for her friends and family, and after leaving the fashion industry, she knew her next career move would be in food.

Serendipitously, Jeongmi and Amy met through Amy’s sister not long after moving back from New York. Although Jeongmi wasn’t actively looking for a new partner, when she found out that Amy was searching for a new career in the culinary industry coupled with her branding and wholesale background, she knew she found someone who shared the same vision for the company. Both Jeongmi and Amy’s philosophy is always to put people before profits and never to compromise on quality. This vision extends from the suppliers they work with, to their own employees and ultimately to the end consumer.

From our kitchen, a warm thank you.